North Shore Sprint Triathlon

Friday, August 8, 2014

Race Change, Weight Goal and Training Updates

 It's been quite awhile since I posted an update, and thanks to the numerous reminders from those who have been reading I felt the need to share what's been going on lately regarding training for my first sprint triathlon.

The most important update is that I no longer will be doing the Chicago Triathlon on Aug. 24, instead opting for the North Shore Triathlon on Sept. 14 in Wilmette. The main reason for the change is the crowd, as I'd like to have a smaller contingent of other competitors - especially in the water - for my first go at this. Secondly, it also gives me a few more weeks to train - again, especially in the water.

This morning's weight came in at 144.4, which means I'm 1.6 pounds for my goal weight for the race with plenty of time to spare (even if I was still doing the Chicago Tri). On a more personal note, this marks exactly 30 pounds I've lost since February of 2013. And if you realize that's on a 5-foot-nothing frame, it's a pretty big accomplishment for me. After our honeymoon in March of this year, I came back in at 159, so that's 15 pounds lost since then. Had I not decided to get in shape for this triathlon, I may not have been able to get to this weight. It was a good goal to set to get me motivated.

The above photo is my roundtrip bike ride from Chicago to Northbrook yesterday, as I rode to work in the morning and then home in the evening. No question I'm tired and a bit sore today, but doing roughly 40 miles in one day isn't something I struggled to accomplish. I can do this sort of thing regularly.

My running stamina has increased exponentially as well, as a 5-mile run at around 9 minutes per mile is now basic. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off work next week and plan to do a couple of brick workouts baring the weather in Chicago. I'll likely head to the lakefront trail and ride about 15 miles and immediately following that with a 4-mile run. Those numbers exceed what the triathlon calls for, but without adding a swim prior to those exercises I want to make sure I do a little extra.

As for the swimming? Don't ask right now. Next week is when I begin to really hunker down and get myself in swimming shape in the pool at my gym. Also, I'm understanding that the water temperature in Lake Michigan for the race may call for a wet suit, so I need to start looking into those.

That's where I stand right now. My goal by the end of next week is to be down to 143 pounds and maybe dip into the 142s.

Thanks for the support!

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